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What a run around...I have had enough of your "Crapola" @Epson...Thanx For Nothin'!!

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Epson Ink is just too Expensive for printing projects on a daily basis! Come on Epson!...give me and others a break on the cost of your ink cartridges....The average retired and disabled person on fixed income cannot afford Epson Ink...and your regular capacity cartridges is a short-lived pricey event....lower Epson Ink Cartridges price so we can afford Epson quality at an affordable price....please...

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Ink Cartridge.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Epson Pros: Quality of epson products including ink cartridged, Quality.

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Printers are cheap to purchase but can get expensive to use on a regular basis due to the high cost of the ink cartridges. This applies to ALL printer manufacturers, not just Epson.

Years ago I could refill the cartridges by buying the ink in an 8 oz. or so bottle and refilling them with a syringe. No more. They have re-designed the cartridges to preclude this operation.

You might consider buying a laser printer if all you use is black ink. The initial cost of the cartridge is higher than an inkjet but they tend to last alot longer than the normal inkjet printers.

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