Had an Epson XP-830 for about a year, and loved it. Print quality was great, and I use the scanner almost daily for work.

Firmware update on 3/19/2018 has turned my $200 printer into a paperweight. I can't even scan documents!

I printed several things today, and it worked fine. After the firmware update, because I'm not using "genuine Epson ink", it won't recognize my cartridges. Why not? It recognized them fine until the update!

Now, I can't even scan a document until I pay the ransom of buying Epson ink. Ok, don't let me print. But I should be able to use the scanner!!!!

This will be the last Epson product I'll ever buy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-830 Printer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Amen to that, I have the same problem. My XP-830 worked fine until firmware update.

The US Supreme Court ruled that OEM Cartridges must be allowed, yet Epson was able to render a printer I legally purchased, unto an absolutely useless piece of equipment, I will never touch an Epson product again. (after owning about 9 printers and usually had bought Epson ink)


I own one of these EPSON paperweights too.

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