Update by user Jul 08, 2018

I have contacted Epson numerous times. They have been discourteous & have ignored my refund request.

I have also contacted the MA & CA attorney generals' offices. The MA attny. general is making queries. In addition, I wrote to Epson's CEO.

There has been zero contact from Epson to any letter I have written. Bottom line: In addition to making poor quality products, Epson can't be bothered even to address customer complaints.

Update by user May 28, 2018

Epson tech asks you to open a new cartridge to do unclogging tests and then won't compensate you when their methods fail and you're stuck with $58 worth of ink that won't work in the printer you have to junk. Why should we have to subsidize ink for a product that failed within 3 months--esp. when prompted to insert a new cartridge by THEIR staff?

Original review posted by user May 25, 2018

Want a definition of Catch-22/ My WF-2850 clogged after two years. Because I had ink left and b/c any one product can go bad once, I got a WF-2760.

After a few months, the introductory ink was low so I ordered new ink directly form Epson but before it arrived, the new machine clogged. I called Epson on four occasions and with their technicians ran numerous unclogging procedures and Nozzle checks. After several of these my black ink ran out. AT THEIR instruction I inserted a new cartridge.

The problem did not resolve and they told me to send the machine back. I was talking to at what was obviously a remote tech center--perhaps in India as everyone there spoke with an Indian accent. No worries there, but when asked to give my credit card # to send me a new machine, I balked. I was not about to read it over an non-secure line and they had no secure site to suggest.

I could however, pay to send it back and they'd send me a new machine and reimburse shipping. Like *** I'm a writer and I can't be w/out a printer for several weeks. So I took the machine back to Staples where I bought it, and they kindly agreed to credit me for a new printer. I surely did not get another Epson--not after being burned twice.

Epson will not reimburse me for $60 worth of ink because "the package is open."The fact that it was opened at their behest is irrelevant to them as it's their "policy"to not refund anything that's open. (My bad--had I bought ink at Target, it would have!) So I spent $60 to do tests to prove what we already knew--the 2760 was a pile of junk. Epson has the worst customer services I've ever encountered. And I mean *the* worst.

I am also hearing impaired and they have NO TTY lines of customer service live chat sites. (Hello, ADA!) You'd have to be a fool to buy anything from these pirates. I will be bringing suit in small claims court--not b/c I need the money, but b/c I don't think crooked practices should go unchallenged.

But let me reiterate: do NOT buy Epson under any circumstance. If someone tries to give you one, suggest the landfill instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Wf-2650 Printer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Epson Cons: Quality, Discourtesy, Quality discourtesy insensitivity to ada customer dishonesty.

Store Location: 3840 Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA 90806, USA

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