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Everyone is right.. what the company did was unethical.

If I had known that going in, I would NEVER had bought this printer. It is wrong to change the game after we have bought the product thinking we could use aftermarket ink.

Luckily I have a forum to talk about the company. I am a radio talk show host on a coast to coast radio program on the S nation Radio Network. And I will absolutely tell EVERYONE to stay away from Epson products.

Never do one of their firmware updates. They have them too often anyway.

I hope someone comes up with a way to undo this. It would be a fitting answer.

Never again Epson.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Epson Pros: Product before they changed it.

Epson Cons: Ethics of the company.

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I'm so frustrated with epson. What they did was completely unethical.

There is no other word for it. I now have $100 worth of ink that has gone to trash.


I will NEVER I mean NEVER buy an Espon Printer ever again....they screw you up the ^$%#$! after spending over $200.

on their printer....cartridges cost the price of the printer to replace. I will throw this out in the trash and get something old.


Same problem here with genuine epson cartridges not recognized after firmware update. I for 1 am taking the printer out to trash and never buying epson products again.


Great Post!

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