Piece of *** printer. I purchased it due to its affordability, but turns out to be one of the most expensive printers I've ever owned.

I've spent more in ink than i did on the printer in the 2 years I've owned it, and literally have printed less than 2 dozen items, and less than 10 of those were of any quality. Spent the better part of the day cleaning the print heads after spending more than the price of the printer on ink. Only got 1 decent document to print. It seems to have list its mind trying to print the 2 sided pdf i needed.

Still have 3 other documents needing printing before i go on my business trip monday.

Thank god i have a few reliable brothers in the other office. What a piece of *** (at least the scanner was able to send the receipts i needed to my laptop so i could fill out my expense report - but i could have done that with my phone).

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