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Epson - Always a "Software Update" and it still never works

Had a Epson 3000 for years, it finally stopped working because Epson chose not to update the drivers for new operating system. Got a new Epson Artisan 1430 - needed something to tile logos on 11x 17 paper. Box says it will do it. Two printers later, (Yes, I sent them back after the Techs couldn't fix the problem over the phone), I find I'm now out of waurentee, and it has still, to this day, not been able to print an 11 x17 page of paper. Thanks Epson for promising, and NEVER delivering. Tech have claimed the problem was the paper was Plain instead of Glossy. Techs have claimed it was the computer, (Changed out computer, and even bought a new one, still didn't work). Techs have claimed it Always needs to be updated software. Techs don't know ***!
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