Epson all in one XP-600 - Purchased May, 2013 - First of all, it drinks ink like it is free. Although the quality of the printing was never great, within five months it was printing worse.

After cleaning the head and doing the nozzle check several times, the printer was printing only in red. I contacted online support, told them what the problem was and what I had done. They told me to clean the head and do a nozzle check again. So I did that.

Didn't work. By now, I am almost out of black ink in a brand new Epson cartridge although I had not printed hardly anything. They then told me I could get a replacement. So I called and went through that process.

Then I learned that in order for them to send me a replacement, I had to have a "hold" put on my credit card for the cost of the printer which they would then *** once I returned the defective unit in SEVEN days of receiving the new one.

Now, under the provisions of the warranty, it states that "Epson requires a debit or credit card number to secure the cost of the replacement printer in the event that you fail to return the defective one" within "FIVE working days." It does not say that a charge will be made immediately and then removed. I have to trust them to provide a brand new replacement within 2 to 7 days and remove the charge when I return the old one, but there is no trust on the part of the company that sold this piece of junk.

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