Poster decreased review rating.

Update by user Mar 12

It is NOT resolved --- it is a waste of time..How the *** does this damn thing close and be sent in to you..??? I can not see any way to send this back... I am going to try and see if this damn thing can be closed out now...

Update by user Mar 12

wasting my time here...this system is out in left field...

Update by user Mar 12

I still say your questions are asinine...I have a simple problem with lousy EPSON limiting and controlling the INKS I buy and use...who the *** are they to say what INK I can buy...??What other company did I look at to buy a printer from..I bought a printer from SAMS ...Who the *** needs to know if I had looked at another from someone else..?? Worthless question...Get real...Ask Questions about the the MACHINE...not about who I bought it from...ask questions about what my problem with EPSON is ...NOT what ever you ask - ALL of it was totally worthless and had NOTHING to do with my situation... I would be happy with a refund - so I could take my EPSON outside and run over with my tractor and bury it..

Update by user Mar 12

Hmmm...just thought ..IT IS MY MACHINE.. I bought it - I paid for it..Where the *** does EPSON get off restricting what damn ink I want to use in it...?!

Update by user Mar 12

What are the cons of using this company....WTF does that mean... I am talking about the friggin EPSON Company...that produced the printer I bought at SAMS..The questions asked are plain stupid.

The seller has not a damn thing to do with this situation..EPSON does....and ONLY EPSON.....

They are the *** that are controlling the inks and use of their damn machine by not allowing it to use any damn ink I want to,,,,THEY and THEY ALONE are the problem here..not the seller.... Lets get this straight...EPSON SUCKS...NOT SAMS

Update by user Mar 12

This system sucks..You are asking meaningless questions..and I get a dumb assed comment about SPECIAL crap....Fix this damn system -- or fold it up....

Original review posted by user Feb 10

Bought a new printer...EPSON Wf-2860..

Used up the crap ink supplied fast.. Replaced with refilled ink..

Darn machine would not accept the new ink. Replaced with the ink that was left from the supplied new ink. Machine would not accept them. Lost a damn day...Lost the 70 bucks I spent on the refills...

EPSON sucks not allowing an owner to use whatever ink he wants to...

Then there is the problem of re-inserting the factory inks..the machine will not accept the ori8ginal ink cartridges back. STINKS..Never again will I buy an EPSON...

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Epson Pros: Printer, Shit.

Epson Cons: Rig printers to use ink cartridges you don t need or use rip off.

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