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Update by user Jul 07, 2020

See ticket #: 200707****62First number called: (800) 463-****Second Number called: (562) 276-****Third Number called: (562) 276-****

Update by user Jul 07, 2020

Ok, last call was 39 minutes and the technician's voice was garbled. I asked him if he was using a headset with a boom mic and he said no.

He made me download and reinstall software (apparently this is the only way, besides WPS, to trigger the software to connect it to your wifi network (and the computer you're using has to be connected to your network using same wifi network). It failed and suggested I bring down and restart my whole wifi network, which I'm not doing of course. At this point if I were Epson Management I would take a sledge hammer to tech support and start over. Start with the right equipment and tech support software (phones can transfer phone calls and easily update call routing menus, headsets with boom mics for clear voices, etc.

) using compatible support ticketing SaaS and professionally implement both. Then move on to training (both technical and customer support).

Start a ticket for both. If a call is dropped or the technician can't hear them have the technician call back the caller.

Update by user Jul 07, 2020

I'm calling because I want to connect my FF-680W photo scanner to my wifi network so I can share the printer (just like I do with my old Dell MFP printer). I tried to look it up on their user manual but it only mentions in detail the WPS way to connect to the wifi and the other manual method is not clear enough to understand. My router is new (eero mesh) doesn't use WPS.

Update by user Jul 07, 2020

Called the number the previous technical support person and manager directed me to and the phone call route tree doesn't even mention scanner, it only mentions projectors and another category I couldn't understand (garbled). So out of the two choices, projectors and a category I couldn't understand, I chose the category I couldn't understand because of annunciation?


This should be interesting. So far my two phone calls were 1st call: 15 minutes, 2nd phone call: 31 minutes.

Original review posted by user Jul 07, 2020

Went to website and called technical support number that was given to me after I entered my model number. When I called the tech support number given to me I then had to walk through a phone call routing tree menu and selected stand-alone scanner and waited on hold for very long time only to be answered by a technician who said she couldn't hear me and hung up (using iphone and checked not on mute).

Called again and waited only to be told I had to call another number. When I suggested they transfer my call instead she said she had no ability to transfer the call.

When I asked to speak to their manager the person then started a support ticket and gave me the support number and then placed me on hold again. The supposed manager eventually came on and repeated that I needed to call another number so I then said that their phone tree then is incorrect and so is their website as it is not directing customers to the correct phone number to call.

User's recommendation: Big Picture: Seriously review your TS team and management. Short term: Fix your website and phone call routing tree. Rethink outsourcing to India and take back in house.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Epson Cons: Poor technical support.

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