Label Printer lasted 220,000 labels then the print head died. Guess what that's not the first time the printer became unusable.

After a single years worth of use it died and had to sent to america for repairs. Moving forward there is no replacement printhead service so when it dies you'll have to buy an entirely new printer for another 14 grand. They won't tell you directly, instead they'll get you to go to one of third party repairers and who will tell you that you need to buy a new printer.

This company sells products in New Zealand yet doesn't have any way of fixing them or repairing them within New Zealand. If you are from New Zealand do not purchase their business grade printers as when something goes wrong they won't be able to repair it within the country and they also won't deal with you directly.

Instead you'll be bounced around from third party to third party each one telling you that they have no idea why Epson told you to contact them until you finally find a third party agent that will actually fix your printer.

They have lost me as a customer and also my business. I will never utilizie this company again and from today onwards I have instructed the company to remove all epson printers and consumables from the premises and have ordered Afina printers in to replace all the label printers we have.

User's recommendation: Stay well away, if anything goes wrong you're going to be in for a world of pain and frustration.

Monetary Loss: $14.

Epson Cons: Poor technical support, Clogged ink head, No way to get basic technical help.

Location: 57 Willis Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, North Island, 6011

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