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EPSON; A company that doesn't care

The first (only) Epson product I ever purchased was a Workforce 600 all-in-one wireless printer that worked great for 10 months. Then the black ink would not print. Within the Epson warranty period and after emails and telephone calls to customer service (in Malaysia) they said would replace he printer. Within 5 days came the Epson printer box, containing a used, scratched, marred re-furbished printer covered in fingerprints. To my dismay, I set it up following the on screen instructions AND...............You guessed it, it would not work and was broken also. I called back to Epsons so called service department to complain and request a NEW printer, but (MJ) stated the service department will only send what they have in stock and that there are no new printers in the warehouse. After expressing my dismay (professionally - no rude/foul language) MJ stated that a 10 month old printer (within warranty) is not new, so they cannot replace the printer with a new one. I then requested an up-grade, which he stated that Epson could not/would not do. I then requested my original price back from Epson, guessed it, they could not do. So, I agreed to accept yet another used/refurbished/scratched/marred/smudged printer just so I can print/scan/fax documents. Now having two Epson Workforce 600s (original & replacement) to return, there will not be a third. If this one doesn't work, I'm going to sue them in small claims court for the original price of the printer+ink+time+gas+headache fee. Apparently the only way to get service and satisfaction from a large corporation's in America is with a law suit...terrible.
Epson Printer