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Epson - Stylus Photo r380 died three times

I have an r380 and have been trying to get a third replacement for one month now. There services was awesome with the first two. What happened is 2 months after buying my printer the paper started to load to the left side of the printer. I called, we trouble shooted and then sent me a new one. After placing a 150.00 hold on my credit card I received the printer and set it up only to have issues with the free ink cartridges they sent me in the box with the printer. So I went out before calling them and bought $80.00 dollars worth of six new cartridges from staples. Just to have to call them to find out that the new unit sent to me was defective. Then after waiting another week they sent me another one, same model witch lasted two months. Then this printer which I still have loads to paper to the left as the first one did. I don't use the printer often but it is a key accessory for my business. We have now been on the phone for 1 month to get a replacement of a different model lower or higher than the one I have cause I can not take the chance of another one failing when my 1 year warranty is up in 3 months. What makes me made is one of the techs admitted that there is technical issues with the r380 model. So Now I still am out of a inkjet, interest on 150.00, and 80.00. I am pissed!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont buy epson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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