Dear Mr Kratzberg (CEO), You got me. As a fairly loyal Epson printer customer, I fell for your latest firmware update that promised to improve my security.

I wasn’t quite expecting that the security in question was that of your highly coveted ink revenue. I now own a bricked product with your company name on it, with no way to revert back to the previous working firmware version, waiting for me to go out a purchase $150 of Epson ink so that I can resume printing. Sorta reminds me of the extortion hackers that locked up computer access until you paid their ransom demands. I just can’t think of a better way for you to help out your competitors.

So, rather than spend the $150 on the ink I have decided to just buy another non-Epson printer.

I am sending back my bricked Epson printer to you. I am hoping that you will give it to the executives that sold you on this fantastic idea, for print out their updated resumes; after of course, installing your special Epson security safe ink.

Former Epson Customer,

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