I ordered online a refurbished ecotank printer through their website. In a couple of hours I realized that it's not the printer that I need.

It was on a Sunday so I emailed them to cancel or exchange. I got answer later that they have an automatic warehousing system and they cannot stop the order and I can call the customer service that opens M-F 7 am to 5 pm PT.

I called and talked to Mike and was told that since it is a refurbished that the sale is final. I said I understand but that's the reason why I emailed and immediately called since it's still under process and preparation. He said that he can't guarantee because it's refurbished and I have to call after 24 hours.

I asked for a manager or supervisor but wasn't available.I even have to ask a reference or ticket no. to document the conversation!

The following day I got an email that it shipped!! I called back and again it's non customer service oriented Mike. I got the same answer that it's a refurbished and all sales are final.

I will have to pay for the return!!! I insisted that it's unfair and I want to talk to the supervisor.

Again no supervisor but this time I was told that they will email me a prepaid Fedex return shipping code!

I filed a complaint to the BBB and disputed the transaction to Apple pay.

I got my money back after this battle with a customer service nightmare!

I thought buying a brand new Epson printer that I wanted but I held back. What customer care would I get if the printer is defective?

User's recommendation: Expect the worst customer service!

Location: Peoria, Arizona

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