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Hello, my name is Mike, I live in Salem Oregon. I received a pop up Epson Software Updater and I selected the Firmware Update.

My end result is exactly the same as the above comment. I will never buy another Epson printer again. The idea that Epson intentionally put together a Firmware update that would render customers using Epson products, (mine is a XP-434), reflects a dishonest, unethical corporation. Please feel free to share this post, the more potential Epson customers it turns away the better.

As a matter of principle I too will now throw my Epson in the trash.

I intend to replace it with a low priced HP.

Please take this vow: I will never, ever buy an Epson printer for as long as I live. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-434 Printer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I bought an Epson 4720 and paid around $700.00 for what was supposed to be a high end photo, scanner, printer. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANY EPSON PRINTER!

This printer was beyond terrible. Epson did not include cables which would have been nice to plug directly into my PC. They instead assumed the printer was an online printer. Everything is set up to print online.

Needless to say online the printer does not recognize the computer used. So I Installed Epson software and tried to reprint. The Epson software monitor is also a form of bloatware and it will interrupt you every few minutes it seems, and if you try to close it the X is greyed out. Back to the printing issue at hand I received an Epson status monitor update warning which stated that the printer was not set to default.

OK fine set to default printer. Still it would not print even though my PC and the Epson software showed I had items in the print que. The printer itself however was unresponsive and showed nothing to print. So I went and rounded up the right printer cable, still no response.

Nope done, time to call support. Customer service is non existent. No support or help at all so I was left with a $700.00 paper weight.

Beyond frustrated, I threw it away. If you ever buy a printer avoid the so called online versions like the plague!


Me either


I also get received a pop-up to Software Update and I selected the Firmware Update. So Epson printers are blocked printhead.

I don't know whats happening with my printer so I was found a simple article for Epson printer to learn this issue.


This firmware can be backed out to the previous version so the check is no longer there.


I have taken the same vow. If everyone who got screwed by Epson would take the same vow, perhaps Epson would go out of business and it would send a message to other manufacturers not to follow Epson into their fetid cesspool of despicable business practices.

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