Epson Xp-410 Printer Reviews

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I love Epson Printers, but I hate the fact that they change ink cartridge types as often as i change underwear! example. i have the Epson xp410. loved it. ran good, picture quality very good. But, it broke somehow. So i bought the Epson xp430. Looks exactly the same, right? But, it uses completely different ink cartridges than my previous printer. And in between my two, i talked my sister into buying the Epson xp420. Different Ink Cartridges....
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My $200 wifi inkjet printer ran out of color ink. It now won't print black text. 90% of what I print is reports for school and letters, I rarely use up color cartridges. I contacted tech support and they advised that the printer head pulls from all cartridges at once, and so it will get air bubbles if the color ink is out. It is programmed therefore to shut down printer capability if color ink is out. Design flaw? No, standard. The printer is...
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