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I wish I had visited this website before my company bought few Epson printers. We bought Epson Workforce all-in-one printer and had to send it back 3 times for brand new replacements!

All replacements broke down less than 3 months after receiving them. Once there is paper jam forget about this printer- it belongs to the trash, it is absolute junk. It will keep telling you there is a printer error and when you call Epson tech service they will send you replacement if your products is still in warranty. Why they send you a replacement right away?

Because they know their products are *** and hear this every day probably. We later bought another Workforce model- the newer version, thinking that maybe they got their *** together and made the new model durable. Well, no they did not. Same thing happened to it and I am very tired of packaging their broken printers and sending them back.

Worst product I have ever used! My company or I will never buy Epson again and definitely will spread the word. Not to mention, we were printing a LOT so we replaced ink carriages almost every 2 weeks- another loss for you Epson. There are problems with the all-in-one printer such as scanning errors.

Finally, EPSON customer service is pretty incompetent according to my standards. If they don't want to deal with you they just hang up on you.

Please save yourself the trouble and the headaches and don't buy EPSON in the first place. I regret it but have learned from my mistakes and won't make them again.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Location: Panama City, Florida

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I agree. WF 4820 only pushes you to buy more color ink even when you are only trying to print black and white.


Guess what? They are still junk.

I have one that I've owned for only 2 years with occasional use. Have not even had to refill any of the ink reservoirs yet. Now I'm getting the 031006 code (that indicates that the control board is shot).

It's been on a UPS or surge suppressor the entire time. I have Canon and HP printers that are 10 years or older that still work - slow, but they work.


I just had the exact thing happen with the paper jam. After I fixed it everything went to *** Their ink cartridges last a very short time.

I am right now going to put this in the garbage WF2850. No more Epson.


Could not agree more the ink price is straight extortion the service is crap black ink comes out at over 18 cents a page chucked mine in the rubbish bin and gone back to a trusty brother and buy the ink from Aliexpress for $2.00 a cartridge


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u bums:(


Your printers belong in the garbage. Can’t print in grayscale when you’re out of color ink. Wtf is that all about?


Al Epsons are Junk


Epson Workforce30 printers >ARE JUNK-JUNK-JUNK

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