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i bought a new printer. yes an epson ! they were all over town,

well it wont install as wireless. called tech.

they just said i didn't set it up right and hung up.

finally i got it to connect direct not wireless,

and on my back up computer, so i networked them and shared the printer.

printed 20 pages and mixed black and color, and no more ink.

now no ink available local. i have to order from epson.

price of ink, plus shipping ect. is double the price of any other inks !

and i dont order online ! cash i hand i do my shopping.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Printer.

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What they don't tell you is that your wireless connection needs to be configured with a wired connections. It is ***, I know.

Another thing you are not informed of is that the cartridges which ship with the printer are "trail cartridges" which only contain a small fraction of the ink you would be getting with a new OEM cartridge,

Another thing the don't tell you is that if you are out of yellow, you can't print black. It isn't just epson, all printers are the same.

The number 69 cartridges should be widely available at places like staples, even wal-mart. The 68 - high yield, not so much. There are also a vast assortment of off brand compatible cartridges for your printer if you don't want to give epson any more of your hard earned money.

All printer companies are the same, Epson and Lexmark seem to be the worst.

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