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I had a difficult time getting the printer and mac computer working due to poor to no instructions. I called the 800 number staples gave me for tech support and tech support was trying to take over my computer and sell me a program.

Your tech support use to use honest americans now you are using scam artist for tech support in the Phillipines.

I will no longer hold your stock because good tech support is essential to any company and if the representative is trying to access and change your computer the company cammot control their own representatives from getting customers information and compromising their computers. This is going to ruin this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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I agree! When I had my problem 5 days ago I first turned down the offer from the indian or phillipino tech support company ($150) to complete a "fixation" on my computer.

But when I couldnt get the printer problems fixed on my own i called back and just forked over the dough even though it really felt like some sort of scam.

now a few days later i'm having more problems and dont know if i should go back to them or if they'll make it worse. ug

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