Epson sabotaged my Epson Expression Premium XP-830 with a recent firmware update. The update rendered my perfectly good non-epson ink cartridges useless.

I called Epson customer service. The person I spoke with told me there is no way to roll back the firmware update; and, my only option is to purchase a set of genuine Epson ink cartridges. My printer is now a brick unless I cave into Epson’s demands. A set of genuine Epson 410XL ink cartridges cost as much as a new printer.

This is extortion. It’s my printer. It’s no longer under warranty. I have a right to use whatever ink I choose.

Epson has essentially hi-jacked my printer and is holding it for ransom. How can this be legal?

Why is this allowed to continue? I will never buy another Epson product.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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they did that to me also


Same problem here. After firmware upgrade, cartridges no longer recognized by printer. I believe Epson did this deliberately to force buying their expensive cartridges.

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