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Epson printers will not work if one of the four color cartridges is empty. I tried to print a letter (black and white), but the magenta ink cartridge was empty.

I went to the Printer Properties and set it to print "Black Ink Only", but that didn't even work. I called their customer service, and a person who could barely speak English said there is no way to by-pass the problem. He also admitted that ALL of their printers are like this. I shouldn't have to purchase over-priced ink that I don't need to make the printer work.

My suggestion to anyone looking to buy a printer to avoid Epsons.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I finally gave up on three others I tried and returned and finally I found THE CANON, the printer that outdoes all the rest and I bought one on Amazon.com and have been using it for a long time now. Stingy with ink and flawless copies every time. Buy one!



I WISH IT had been over the head of their engineer team. What a joke! No head cleaning software, (guess they do that to each other manually.) No ink reading (I just put 4 new inks in the POS. The software?

recognized my MAC then FAILED. F Epson and their engineers. What losers. I've only used PC and mac since 1984, and they are consistently ***.

WHY are they still in business? Why?


I smashed my Epson with a sledge hammer and I loved it!


They really do suck. I will never buy another Epson product.


I agree Epson sucks, I tried them too and had problems with using it wireless so I returned it to Best Buy. I went through three other printers that were advertised "wireless" and did not work "wireless" so I went with a basic computer that did not have "wireless", a Canon and I am more than happy without "wireless".

All these new fangled printers say "wireless" but that is one big lie.

Stay away from all printers that say "wireless" and get a simple good printer, a Canon, it scans too. You will not be sorry!


I will never purchase another Epson product ever again. Or shop at my local OfficeMax as I was told this would not be a problem.


The dunce at the Best Buy convinced us that EPSON XP 400 was the most efficient and best printer at the lowest price. What a scam.

The kid never explained that what we saved on the printer we doubled in ink.

Print just one page and it's gone! NEVER NEVER NEVER buy Epson products they are designed to drain your pocket book with ink cartridge replacement purchases.


I agree with the comments... Epson printers are terrible once you need to replace JUST ONE ink cartridge...

money grabbing scheme is what it is. Funny, the ink only lasts about a week before you need to replace it (and I printed maybe two pages of song lyrics... which is literally two pages).

Why should I have to replace the ink cartridge of a color I don't even use to print something in a completely different color?? I hate Epson.


Ditto, no pun intended, After the broken English I had to decipher with Himansu Patel, I was left wondering if I should just move to india to learn the language, Epsom is a loser big box company, I have thrown my yr old xp-300 in the trash almost breaking my wrist.


Our home office changed over to Epson printers...What a mistake..i hate them.

Ive noticed cartridges empty at different rates..leads me to believe that they are not being filled properly. Also when a color cartridge is low, the machine prevents you from printing in Black....This kind of Printer performance is unacceptable..! We are putting these on Craigslist and going back to HP.


I brought an Epson ALL in One. What a piece of garbage!

As stated time and time again, the printer wouldn't work w/o ALL the cartridges installed. To *** with it even if you just want to print b&w. This is the bottom line. Epson is a company that produces *** substandard products and their bottom line is reaming the consumer.

***, I've more respect for a drug dealer! People, SIMPLY DO NOT BUY EPSON...NO MATTER WHAT.

I am NOT going to endorse any other company though I am going to get up after I finish this post and throw that piece of *** out the window and replace it w/ a much better printer (as I said, no endorsement) manufactured by a company whose name begins w/ a B! LOL


Well, I am back again, I see the rest of you hard working people have had similar problems with Epson. Well, I had trouble with them all, America can not make a decent printer so I am doing without one.

I will tell you that Best Buy is my friend and yours! They take back anything for a full refund and no questions asked. They done me good, I went back twice with the same brand I wont mention. Like I said, they all suck unless you want to spend a fortune and your wife or girl/boy friend on.

Good luck with all American printers that do not work. lol :grin


I have had equally frustrating experiences with Epson support.... The waste ink pads are full and Epson's solution, rather than providing the replacement part number so that I can replace it myself, is to sell me a new printer.

How environmentally unfriendly is scrapping out an otherwise perfectly good printer? After insisting on proper support, I was then directed to their authorized service partners to order parts who then referred me back to Epson Canada to get the part number.

Epson Canada comes up with every excuse in the book to NOT give me the part number. NEVER again will I ever purchase another Epson printer.


Never buying Epson again. I had one, it SUCKED.

My sister has one, it SUCKS. I must've scared the neighbors when I threw mine in the trash because I made sure to smash it against the floor several times.


Hey dig this: Epson Printers suck so much they give this phone number for support 562-276-****, now just call it and see what you get please. Or you can take my word for it, a pharmaceutical company!

What a deception is that ehh? No wonder, they must get a lot of problem buyers. Oh, you can call the Canadian branch of Epson and get some foreigner that cannot speak English.

Or you can get rid of your Epson and never buy one again! :(


EPSON Printers are the worst. Use their expense replacement cartridges and the dam printer will not recognize them.

I will be throwing this printer away. It is a piece of junk.


Epson printers suck big time! Just wait until you get the little message that the ink pads are at the end of their life.

You can't service it yourself. Epson says on their website that it may not be cost effective to have it repaired so guess what the recommend? Buy another Epson printer! No way man.

Why do we let these people hold us hostage? I don't have that much use on this Artisan 700 machine.

Its a bit over three years old household use only. I won't buy anything from this company again.


:cry Epson BBBBLOES


:cry Epson BBBBLOES


It doesnt matter if only printing yellow, all inks must be installed. This is how higher end printers work.

Yelling at epson is like yelling at ford because all tires need air even though u just want to turn left,.

Know what your doing before screaming at some poor girl whos job it isto listen to people like you.

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