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Epson printers will not work if one of the four color cartridges is empty. I tried to print a letter (black and white), but the magenta ink cartridge was empty.

I went to the Printer Properties and set it to print "Black Ink Only", but that didn't even work. I called their customer service, and a person who could barely speak English said there is no way to by-pass the problem. He also admitted that ALL of their printers are like this. I shouldn't have to purchase over-priced ink that I don't need to make the printer work.

My suggestion to anyone looking to buy a printer to avoid Epsons.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Ink Cartridge.

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I will not buy another epson product,, ever.


Same problem here, and I went out and purchased the overpriced ink so I could then print my black and white document, which was unreadable not sure if thats because of the printer or microsoft word. But any piece of *** company that would make a printer that wont print black and white copies without having all the colours of the rainbow is most likely to blame.

I have an Epson 410. It is a worthless piece of *** that has never printed anything properly. I will never buy an Epson product ever again.

This thing is due to meet a baseball bat in my driveway here in about 10 minutes. *** you Epson, you *** can rot in ***.


My family recently bought an Epson without researching the specific product, and we spent an hour or so trying to set it up, we could not figure out how to get the paper to actually read on the printer, and we couldn't figure out how to connect the printer via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. I also recommend staying away from Epson printers.


I am in the same situation. What a nightmare.

I want to destroy this piece of machine and I will NEVER buy EPSON again!!

The printer doesn't even recognise an Epson cartridge! I cannot print black and white only!



Epson sucks! I wish I had read reviews before purchase.

Customer support cannot speak English. The first person I got was so rude I hung up on her.

I'm on my way to buy a laser printer, NOT AN EPSON!

Thanks for nothing!


That is true, you must have all ink cartridges to print. I will never buy another epson printer, they suck.


yep I just learned this also. Had not been happy with HP in recent years but at least they aren't out to scam you for a blue ink cartridge just to print in black and white.

Goodbye Felicia to my Epson printer.


Epson Printers suck. I have the wf 2540.

Currently, out of maroon but everything else is fine. It won't print correctly in black and white. It prints some parts, but not others, so my paper is basically missing half of the words on it. Sometimes, the ink is full and it prints but prints jack ***.

It doesn't print anything... just a blank page that comes out of the printer...


I replaced all 4 cartridges with Epson brand ink cartridges and now the printer will not work because the printer does not recognize the cartridges. So much for buying OEM!


I have the same problem... out of yellow, can't print in black & white only or grayscale.

I tried to submit an email inquiry, filled out the entire form, then at the bottom it said hit "Submit"... except there's no submit button.

Very convenient for them, but very bad for customer service and building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Why would they be like this??

Fullerton, California, United States #994057

I bought an epson expression scanner and wasted $2800.00. The company has no shame and will not repair or replace its defective machine because it is older than its 1 year warranty. Ceo didn't even take the time to answer my letter...


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to tell you the truth of epson printer like these tihsllub tihsllub tihsllub tihsllub


EPSON Printer sucks epson owner is Satanic and full of *** does not work or NEVER going to work by the way I just wasted 100 dollars for an Epson *** that even does not work after 6 months

*** is to the Epson

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #931998

Epson SUCK! I hate Epson DO NOT PURCHASE!

I purchased a printer and change the freaking ink once and it never printed again. They gave me the run around sending another, took money from my credit card to send another and never gave me my money back and send another *** printer. I hate this company. I will tell everyone please do not buy Epson printers.

I am gong to all social networking sites and talk as much negative *** as possible. I will go in stores and tell people do not buy Epson.

I will stop anyone I see purchasing this company's printers stop. I will make it a point!

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #926184

They build these things to generate revenue in many ways. Overpriced ink cartridges, sneaky web sites which want to charge you big bucks for their answers to what should be small problems, and overall poor operator manuals with very little guidance.

I have been attempting to copy a document on the *** thing, WF6230, and it insists the paper source is incorrect. So how does a person solve this issue, there are only two paper sources and neither of them seems to be correct.

Denver, Colorado, United States #915953

I will never buy another Epson Product!

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #911343

I feel the same way. Automatic Document Feeder never works, My ink always either needs refilled or doesn't seem to want to print.

I do nozzle checks and head cleaning all the time and it doesn't work.

I can't believe Apple had this piece of junk on their site! WF-2540 is the model number and it sucks!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #903122

I just bought a new epson printer and I couldn't possibly be more annoyed with it. Can't get it to print via wifi.

Now it won't even print with the cable connecting it to my computer.

And good thing I happened to have an old USB cable to connect the printer because the printer didn't come with one. This printer is a joke.


I finally gave up on three others I tried and returned and finally I found THE CANON, the printer that outdoes all the rest and I bought one on Amazon.com and have been using it for a long time now. Stingy with ink and flawless copies every time. Buy one!

Torrance, California, United States #895435


I WISH IT had been over the head of their engineer team. What a joke! No head cleaning software, (guess they do that to each other manually.) No ink reading (I just put 4 new inks in the POS. The software?

recognized my MAC then FAILED. F Epson and their engineers. What losers. I've only used PC and mac since 1984, and they are consistently ***.

WHY are they still in business? Why?

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