Epson printers will not work if one of the four color cartridges is empty. I tried to print a letter (black and white), but the magenta ink cartridge was empty.

I went to the Printer Properties and set it to print "Black Ink Only", but that didn't even work. I called their customer service, and a person who could barely speak English said there is no way to by-pass the problem. He also admitted that ALL of their printers are like this. I shouldn't have to purchase over-priced ink that I don't need to make the printer work.

My suggestion to anyone looking to buy a printer to avoid Epsons.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Ink Cartridge.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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This piece of crap only works 40% of the times that I need to use it. I can have new ink in the damned thing and the machine tells me I'm low.

Sometime is will start printing TWO DAYS after I've tried to print something. I have Epson with a passion.


Same thing happened to me. What a rip off.

My cyan ink ran out after printing just 2 pages with color! Now it won't print anything even if it's just a black and white job.


I agree.Epson printers do suck! If you use refillable cartridges, the chips will shut you down too.

So if its not the ink game, it is the chip game. I am throwing this printer in the garbage and will never have another EPSON printer.


Amen, brother, same thing happened to me.


The printer sucked, w/matching text support. Will put it out next time we have garbage pickup, or smash it with large hammet


Epson 2850 firmware stops the use of 3rd party cartridges in violation of a SUPREME COURT ruling that this activity is prohibited by the court. Anyone with this issue should file a complaint with the federal trade Commission.


Agreed. Cyan cartridge for WF-2760 is empty and replacement from Amazon is 2 weeks away.

Called customer service which said nothing they can do. This is right after my Canon P 600 also failed.

Now awaiting arrival of HP printer which will arrive faster than the Epson cartridge. Real smart marketing Epson.


Epson Printers are Chinese Junk


I regret ever buying an Epson


Just bought a new Epson ET-3760 and I guess I’m stupid because I expected it to work. What a piece of *** Can’t set up the scan to cloud function.

I guess you have to be Kim Komando to operate it. I’m pissed.....


Have a 2860, purchased on Sept. 4th 2019.

that does not work.

All I got from Epson is a lot of nothing. Won't replace printer and square trade is a joke


I have discovered the very same problem!!!!!! I have NEVER printed a colour document, all documents b&w - draft quality.


Their bottom line is to screw you into buying expensive ink!! This POS I have is gonna be GONE, just as soon as I can get somewhere to buy another brand, who DOESN'T SCREW YA, like this!


Just one of the many ways to screw Epsom customers ! This is a company that simply doesn’t care.


Epson printers are a scam! I am tired of buying ink for this piece of junk.


I have the exact same problem, and I need to print a business document. Thanks, Epson, for sticking it to the people who rely on your products. There is no reason for this except to bleed consumers with sky-high ink prices.


This is so stupid, we shouldn't have to replace an ink cartridge we aren't using for a particular document. I have a paper due and I don't have time to go out and buy an ink cartridge.


I clicked on a Firmware update for my XP-340 today (as I have done in the past) and when It was done the printer would not recognize the print cartridges in it. They are not Epson cartridges.

Epson has, in a stroke screwed me out of my printer which has worked faultlessly with the alternate cartridges for quite some time. Because of this I will not ever buy another product with their name on it.

This is simple corporate greed. As far as I am concerned Epson can kiss my ***


I AGREE These things are JUNK!!! I will never buy another Epson product again...

My printer just went off the deck into the yard. Going to town now to get a new one.


Agreed. Same issue.

I bought mine at Costco and am taking it back with a full refund. It is a total scam.

They lure you in with a low-priced printer then you get hammered in overpriced ink. Never getting Epson again.


I agree Epson printers SUCK for this reason. I would never buy another one and cant wait to get rid of this piece of crap.

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