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Epson printers will not work if one of the four color cartridges is empty. I tried to print a letter (black and white), but the magenta ink cartridge was empty.

I went to the Printer Properties and set it to print "Black Ink Only", but that didn't even work. I called their customer service, and a person who could barely speak English said there is no way to by-pass the problem. He also admitted that ALL of their printers are like this. I shouldn't have to purchase over-priced ink that I don't need to make the printer work.

My suggestion to anyone looking to buy a printer to avoid Epsons.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I've owned three different Epsons and they all suck. They work for about 3 to 6 months and then they are nothing but trouble. I have an old Cannon printer from the 1999 it still work except it isn't compatible with much.


Epson printers are a huge waste of money and complete garbage. I could bring scribes back from Ancient Greece with chisels and stone tablets and they'd outprint Epson Printers any day of the week. I'm sitting here troubleshooting for about 2 hours average every time I have to print on the XP-4100 - Do not buy anything Epson


buy an HP or CANON, i resale printers and every EPSON ive got has been nothing but issues. HP is the most user friendly best option in my opinion.

i had one epson with 2 prints on it (brand new) cleaned the print head put it back together and it fried all the electronics. needless to say epson is the fake high-end printer.


Epson printers is a *** but our government choose this product to use by teachers, why? i think is to educate it T_T


Epson is the world's biggest ink supplier. If you need to print in all black you are screwed if one of the other colors that you will NOT need is out because.

Epson can NOT print for you. Epson is looking for scientists that can solve this issue and Elon Musk is working on getting to Mars.

What will happen first? Thanks Happy Epson Customer** SUCKER


yes, epson printers suck. there's no way to override epson printer issues.

tried everything that the person before me had tried.

same result. i'm throwing it ceremoniously off a cliff.


it wont connect it must be from china or india


Epson sucks *** Dont' buy....please and trust me!


I have an Epson and its a piece of crap ...every time I print I have to clean the ink jet heads and also it won't print if one of the cartridges is empty .gonna dump this thing in the trash and go get a Lexmark which I never ever had a problem with!!!


I have had an Epson printer since 2019 and it still doesn't print. I haven't had any luck with this situation, and no one seems to be able to get it up and running permanently.


Epson printers do not work with the latest windows update. Never buy another one.


I share that frustration. When one color runs out, it will not print even in black, and you are forced to buy all new cartridges.

Worse, the default is to print in color, so you have to remember to scroll down to "black and white" mode instead of color.

So all it takes it one mistake and you print in color, and use up all the scant supply of a color cartridge and have to pay $129 plus tax to replace all the cartridges. I will never buy Epson again and wish I could pursue a claim against the company.


I am so disappointed in this Epson printer. and its not as though it was really cheap.

I only had this piece of sh$$ for 6 months and was only able to use it for 2 because of constant ink problems. in a perfect world everyone who owns one should toss them and boycott Epson. not a good business decision to try and milk all the money they can from current customers. just increase the damn price of the printer.

Hp Compaq Dell has their issues but have I used their printers each one and I had no problems for at least 5 to 6 years. this mess is barely fresh out the box.

and the customer service is designed to confuse you by using people that can hardly speak English. signing off Greatly Disappointed


I want to see this company go bankrupt and never see money again in their life after making such a stupid printer.


This piece of crap only works 40% of the times that I need to use it. I can have new ink in the damned thing and the machine tells me I'm low.

Sometime is will start printing TWO DAYS after I've tried to print something. I have Epson with a passion.


Same thing happened to me. What a rip off.

My cyan ink ran out after printing just 2 pages with color! Now it won't print anything even if it's just a black and white job.


I agree.Epson printers do suck! If you use refillable cartridges, the chips will shut you down too.

So if its not the ink game, it is the chip game. I am throwing this printer in the garbage and will never have another EPSON printer.


Agreed, I bought the WF-4720 to replace a perfectly good HP a year ago. Worst mistake I've made with computers in 25 years.

The first one was DOA. Epson sent a new one. This one jams on any paper other than 8x11 printer paper. I can't find any photo glossy paper that works with it.

It prints lightning fast when it works but big whoop because half of the prints have one thin jagged line out of register. Today I tried once again to print with HP premium photo paper, jammed five tries.

Throwing this POS in the trash pronto. One year old junk.


Amen, brother, same thing happened to me.


The printer sucked, w/matching text support. Will put it out next time we have garbage pickup, or smash it with large hammet

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