Epson XP446...I only print black ink and the original black ink lasted 26 pages exactly...Went and purchased XL black ink then installed it and after only printing 10 pages(black only) the rest of the inks ran out so I replaced them all new except for the black...after only 30 black prints later(2weeks) all the color inks say they're empty...how is that possible with only printing in black?....rip off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-446 Printer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you're only printing black, you might look into buying a laser printer. You wouldn't have the low color ink problem and you wouldn't have to eventually worry about the print heads getting clogged.


Printers are cheap. Buy another brand.

Some printers act like yours, altho you should make sure you are not using alot of ink by not printing in "draft" mode. When you print in black ink with it set on normal or even better you will use more ink. And, if in draft mode it will print out much faster. Check your settings and try it.

If you still use the ink at a prodigious rate, then buy an HP-----I would recommend Canon but I haven't used this brand for a few years and am unfamiliar with the new ones. HP has always worked well for me, altho the ink from them will also cost you a fortune.


I purchased all 5 xl almost 75.00. do a nozel test as instructed it prints very little shows missing so clean then reprint its fine.

Look at ink levels nothing else printed so far but 2 pages maybe used first 5 lines in page not even half way across and ink level is at 80%. This is a scam '

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