Trying to get information about the printer I purchased recently that still under warranty and it has stopped printing correctly took a very long time Over the phone and it was a difficult process with many misleading phone numbers before I got a hold of somebody and finally made my claim and set up a exchange or return I'm not clear as to exactly what's going to happen that's why I tried to call back and I got a message saying that they're not open on the weekends I don't believe that that is the proper way for a huge company to operate when people rely on your products on a daily basis including the weekends to conduct business regardless of Covid or any other pandemic your verification for getting through online it's time consuming and it's like jumping through hoops over and over again filling in captured puzzles like an idiot I just wanna speak to somebody and find out if I'm supposed to send this thing back to you or if you're gonna send me a label or if you're gonna send me a new printer and I'm going to send this one back person was not very clear as to what was going to happen my product is been registered and is under warranty and I would like to have another one that works I'm right in the middle taxes is it very inconvenient I need this printer for my business as well which I had to shut down I'm trying to restart due to Covid everybody's having problems with Covid a large company like yourself should not be having problems and should be helping people like us that need the help I need your products to get things done thank you very much Daniel Golschmann

User's recommendation: probably should buy an HP printer even though I don't like them very much they are very intrusive but at least they work and keep working and are consistent product and work very long and when I try to run it through the cleaning process etc. it does not fix the problem with the printer heads I'm assuming with so many options to clean these there's a design flaw people shouldn't be having to power wash their printers and use up all their ink and fill up their ink pads just to adjust the nozzles.

Location: Anaheim, California

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