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Update by user Oct 15, 2018

I just explained how it was resolved in my update for 10/15.2018. Thank you!

Update by user Oct 15, 2018

First, I apologize with my whole heart for not following up, so this matter can be marked as resolved and put an end to it. Yes it was resolved, but I am sure Epson continues the practice of sending you to 3rd party companies, that you assume is Epson.

I have actually just gone through the whole same thing with Microsoft, who is much more blatant in their lies. The problem with Epson was resolved by the bank's credit card I used. I did call the bank, and once I explained what had happened, the woman I spoke with said, "Ma'am...we'll have your money back in 48 hours!" I was contacted several times by a man who claimed to be the owner who tried his best to talk me out of filing a complaint. He called me shortly after I filed with the bank, very upset because my complaint would affect his credit rating.

I was driving at the time and said I couldn't talk to him right then. I hung up and he called right back, saying 'How about if I send you a check?' to which I said 'Sure, send me a check'. He then said OK..I will send check tomorrow! So you will call your bank now and tell them to drop complaint?' And I said 'Nooo, I will not do that.

If you wish to send a check, please do so. Once I take it to the bank, and cash it, I will then call the cc company and tell them we settled the dispute on our own.' Then he said (and I LOL at him when he said it) "Barbara! Why you no trust me?" I just said 'are you kidding me?' and kept laughing. He hung up on me then, but within 48 hours, I checked my credit card, and the whole amount except for $99.99 which they charged for a one time assistance call.

I was happy with that and called to thank the bank. And that reminds me. I may have to call the bank again. For a refund due to Microsoft.

I think I would like to say, if it's not your bank you are having trouble with, please do not hesitate to get them involved. The woman I spoke with sounded as pissed off as I was! Bless her heart! Thank you all (BTW.....Outlook Support>>>phone number XXX do NOT call !) I think that's all I can say without putting in a new report.

But who knows? I am almost ready to start looking for people like you guys and me. The companies who screw us over, but fall back on the old "buyer beware", adage that the judges usually seem to go with the big companies and rule your complaint as having no merit.

I am sick of it! Thanks again

Update by user Jun 26, 2018

This problem was marked Resolved without asking me did I consider it resolved. It is Not resolved!

Update by user Jun 26, 2018

In my opinion, it is NOT resolved. Yes, I got a used replacement printer that I don't even know is as good as the one I had before it broke.

But, if Epson is going to use third party companies that immediately starts a sales pitch, they should have a list of those companies posted on their website.

Along with the disclaimer that if one of the approved companies wears you down with a continuous urgent speaking tone, until you say yes just to shut them up, then you are on your own. Please do not mark this problem as Resolved!

Update by user Jun 26, 2018

I thought I might be much further along than I am. First, to their credit, Epson sent me a replacement printer(rebuild-different model).

I just got it and haven't checked it out yet. I am also,urgently trying to find out information if the third party company Tech Chaste Solutions LLC. is an approved company by Epson. I am trying to verify through a REAL Epson Customer Support person, if the tech I spoke with, who declared "We ARE Epson" and talked me into purchasing a $500 (I know....my stupidity) all inclusive PC and printer contract, was an acceptable business practice allowed by Epson.

For a $89 printer for gosh sakes. I need this contact phone number to the real Epson company in the USA. Not a third party company. I actually just called what I hoped was the real number, but as soon as the man answered, I asked if this is the real Epson support, or a third party company.

He admitted, a little reluctantly that yes, we are a third party service. So, I asked if he knew the number to contact Epson support, not a third party. "No...I do not know that information". To which I replied "are you Kidding me?!

You don't have a contact number for the company you ultimately work for?" Then he said they were not allowed to give the number out. So, to EPSON: Are YOU kidding me! There is not a place on line you publish a direct number to contact a real Epson customer support! Especially when you even search for a place to report fraud.

WTH??!!! That is lower than low to the people who buy your products! This Tech Chaste company does have a refund policy, but after I was connected to the Support manager(?) I could hear the attitude in his voice, that unless I can prove they misrepresented (excuse me...at least one tech) themselves to be Epson, I'll never see that $500 again. That is where I am right now.

Frustrated and angry. And the only next step I know to take is to write, by hand since I can't print it now, a letter to the corporate executives. Or, just give up and know that I am dealing with a strong corporation whose main purpose is not to give us the best customer experience possible. But to milk every cent from you as possible.

Yeah. I am pissed!

Original review posted by user Jun 19, 2018

I was having Big problems with my Epson All-in-one Workforce 3620 printer. I didn't have a contract with them, but decided to try and get one or two questions answered anyway. I don't remember how I got the number I called, but I searched for a number for tech support at Epson printers. When I called who I thought was Epson, I said up front I do not have a service contract and my printer was not still in warranty. So, the tech started saying how that was OK, he would help me. One thing led to another and I realized it sounded like a sales pitch. I even told the guy that, and how I had been scammed before. He got all excited and at one point said "We ARE Epson!" I don't want to say how stupid I feel, but I ended up signing a contract with another company that I can't figure if they are legit or not. I feel as though even if they are legit, they misrepresented themselves as being Epson. I tried and tried to find a way to contact Epson about possible fraud, and just get them to acknowledge yes they do work for them as a third party, or NO they do not have third party companies (until you read the fine print very closely).

I got a message from someone in support wanting to know what happened, and they were so sorry about my experience. So, after telling this no face person the whole story with names, dates and times, I got another message that it was sent to tech support who would contact me. And I have no clue Which tech support they are talking about.

The contract I agreed to sign (but not read until the deal is done!!! Stupid!) does have a refund clause, but it too is worded very carefully so I can be turned down.

I want the truth from Epson about not using third parties, and I want my $$$ back! Along with something to the hard working people who support their butts! Shame on Epson, and TechChaste Solutions LLC. And myself who was too trusting. That bit of who I am is dying and it makes me angry.

Thank you for letting me spread the word to others. Ironically, my printer doesn't even acknowledge the print button anymore. So, I will probably Still have to buy a new one. Arrgghhh!

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Technical Support.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Epson Pros: Double sided scanning, To be determined, Photo prints, Printer.

Epson Cons: Experience with possible fraud, Illegal nature of their practices, Customer service representatives are liars.

Location: 1501 Francisco St, Torrance, CA 90501, USA

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