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i'LL NEVER buy an epson printer again!! Biggest pain in the butt to install and use!!! Just ridiculous.... back to HP for me. What's wrong with it?? You name it-- have to reset every day, have to turn it on every day-- the thing is NEVER READY TO USE!! I've installed...
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Epson - WF printers are a piece of junk

I bought a WF-2760 and it lasted 6 months. I then bought a WF-3640, it printed at first and now will not print, scan or copy. I will never buy another Epson product
I purchased a Epson xp 446 1 month ago. The printer works fine but when one of the color ink runs out, it will not let me print anything. Even though my black ink cartridge is full. I don't use color for anything because I only print document in black ink. So, for me...
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That's how (most) inkjet printers are designed. They won't print if you run out (or low) on one of the color inks even if your print jobs only require black ink. It's how they...


Im confused... while I understand the frustration of not being able to print the black ink cartridge is sold seperatly as well?

It is impossible to get a representative that knows how to trouble shoot the problem with the Epson WF-3620 printer. The printer suddenly does not allow you to make a double sided copy. For the sold purpose to up sale the Epson service, I am told by Epson Tech Jackson...
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Says it uses all of your ink when I only print in black and white. If only a small amount of ink is used why do I need to replace all of the cartridges? A real ripoff. Will buy a laser Ptinter and it won’t be an EPSON! This is the second time I have had to replace all...
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What a piece of junk. Bought this for the sole purpose of printing cd's. Old hp did the job for close to 20 years. This thing has been a frustration from day one. Every time I tried to set it up to print cd's, it would tell me to shut off the printer and start over...
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I purchased a Epson WF-4730 which turned on for two seconds with a blank screen then shut off. I called the (800) 463-7766 to get a rep telling me it was my network. I told him I was following the instructions that came with the printer it specifically says take...
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So far I have identified two major problems with this printer. First, it is impossible, so far as I can tell, to printer labels. 30 minutes on the phone with customer support and no solution. Here is a basic function, this printer can't do it, or if it can, figuring...
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WF2530 bought three years or so ago. Worked perfectly for a couple weeks and then began to have problems, First the feeder on top that was supposed to feed in many papers one after another to be copied. Outstanding but quit working pretty fast. Next the attempt to...
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Epson Printer Limitations

Bought an Epson XP-830 printer found out that there are no ‘$’ characters to allow you to input the password to access your wireless home Wi-Fi networks... There is no where in the manual that inform consumers of this limitation therefore I think Epson deceptive practice as to the products sold did not disclose this flaws and limitations of their products to it customers, FTC need to investigate.
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