Dear Sir,

This letter is in reference to my purchase of an Epson Printer L-130, which was purchased 13th October 2018, from Silicon computers, Vasco Goa. When I decided to buy the printer for my office, I chose EPSON based on its values &; promises & the high standard of their products.

But I am very sorry to say, I had a very bitter experience because of its performance, as the printers head got spoiled in just 1.5 years. The dealer is asking for Rs. 5000 to replace it.

I just wonder was this printer just worth giving me a life of 1.5 years?

When we buy a product from a renowned company like Epson, we expect a certain life cycle for the product. If it was a small issue, I could understand, but the printer head getting spoilt & not lasting even for 2 years and a small enterprise like us have to reinvest not less than Rs.

5000 for the repairs is a total not only a financial loss for my company but it talks about the failure of your company in terms of not reaching the expectation of your client & losing the confidence & trust in your product. it shows that you make the product only to make profits & not to serve people.

As a customer any product I buy, I expect a certain quality, means the product should be satisfactory in look and finish, it should be free from small faults, it should last for a reasonable time, be safe to use & do everything they are commonly used for.

I am not looking for the correspondence but for some action, if you want to change some opinion& have a good word for the company for any future customers or contacts.

In the interest of fair play and in keeping a future customer satisfied, I hope there will be no further delays in resolving this problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson L130 Printer.

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

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