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The warning that not replacing ink cartridges with refilled cartridges is not recommended should be against the law. Consumers should be able to get less expensive cartridges.

Your programming prevents that in the Epson 640 Expression Premium series. I received this printer for Christmas and I am very unhappy with it. I will NEVER buy an EPSON printer. They sell a cheap printer and then make sure we must use your expensive ink replacement cartridges.

That is really a rip-off that should be illegal if it isn't. I have spent hours trying to get around this issued and I have contacted Epson about it.

I have read other customer reviews that have had the same issue. Yet Epson has not resolved the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Ink Cartridge.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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As I recall, HP was also doing something of the kind a while back, at least on some of their printers. In any event, I have found that it is probably best to use the manufacturer's ink instead of off-brand or refilled cartridges.

I had far too many problems with non-brand ink cartridges in the past.

However, as you probably have guessed, they make their money on the ink cartridges, not the printers themselves. Gotta make a buck.

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