I bought a WF-3720 Epson Printer and since the beginning this printer has never worked. I called support and they waste ink and paper to fix what was wrong.

Next time I needed the printer there was some wrong. After 6 months Epson toke back my printer and sent me a used WF-3720 printer. This printer was worst then the one token by Epson. Support started non helping me, Telling me that this printer could not fax with VOIP service.

This is wrong but in the meantime I cannot use the fax. I asked Epson supervisors to send me a different Workforce Printer but they denied. I lost my money PLUS money for ink and paper. I cannot use this printer.

This printer is for home use. I use the printer very seldom, I still have the original INK. I made about 50 or more calls to Support.

Do I must lose the $75.59 paid to Staples? Epson is steeling my money.

User's recommendation: Is very simple : DO NOT LOOSE YOUR MONEY.

Location: Round Lake, Illinois

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