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Two perfectly working Epson printers were made useless because of software installed on the printers by Epson forcing me to purchase Epson products.

First it was my Epson R340 Inkjet that quit working because I received a message that the ink pads were full and it needed to be serviced even though the printer was performing perfectly prior to the message. Not being able to find a work around I purchased a new Epson XP 640.

It was working fine until I downloaded the most recent firmware update. Now I get a message the printer doesn't recognize my ink cartridges. I now have two Epson printers that have been turned into expensive paperweights by Epson. Since I purchased the printers shouldn't it be my decision to choose what ink I want to us and shouldn't it be my decision as to when the ink pads are too full?

Am I being forced to contribute to Epson company greed or am I entitled to the freedom of choice? It used to be, "What's mine is mine," but now it seems that "What's mine is ours." A new sales slogan for Epson, "Making America great again, one sucker at a time."

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-640 Printer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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