Epson does NOT stand by its equipment. I purchased a WorkForce WF-7720 late last year.

In less than 1 year, I started getting an error message while scanning. I called the help line. We ran through the standard troubleshooting process, and they concluded that it was a hardware problem, and they would send me a replacement. Fine, got the replacement.

I got to use it for less than 4 months and it started having errors (multiple) and would not function AT ALL. Not the scanner, not the printer, nothing. Could not clear the errors. Called the customer service again.

Went through the troubleshooting process again, also told it was a hardware problem. However, because the original purchase was now out of warranty, they would not replace the machine THEY SENT ME. How is that fair? I barely got any real use of this model, and ultimately, they refused to stand by the hardware they provided me as a replacement!

I spoke to a supervisor, as well, and there was apparently "nothing they could do" but they did offer me a coupon for 15% off another Epson printer! Oh boy! I apparently could also take it to an authorized repair shop who would end up charging me as much as just getting a new printer. So frustrated and annoyed.

I have bought Epson products before without a major problem.

So guess what? I'm probably just going to NOT buy from Epson for a while, if ever!Buy sio

User's recommendation: Buyer beware.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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