I Installed a firmware update, and now the printer can no longer "recognize" my print cartridges which had been working fine until the update. Word on the Internet is that Epson deliberately tries to punish people who buy replacement cartridges from other vendors, so they can sell their overpriced ones, and they do that by updating the firmware so that other vendor cartridges are "not recognized".

This is despicable. I will never buy another Epson product. They have even spawned a cottage industry that for $5 sells a firmware downgrade.

It is cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy Epson replacement cartridges. Their business practices are predatory and should be illegal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Epson Pros: Printer.

Epson Cons: Business practices.

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I figured out a free fix for my Epson XP-630 after spending probably a dozen hours.

Get earlier firmware here for my Epson XP-630 here;


Basically, you connect your printer with USB cable and turn off printer.

Download your earlier firmware if you can find it. Follow those instructions to set your printer in "Program Update Mode". On the XP-630, it was press and hold Left Arrow+Cancel Button (upper right) and Home and ON buttons right after the printer turns it self off. Don't do anything after.

Start the firmware update on the computer and follow instructions. The printer should not be found but a USB connection and should allow you to update the firmware. Once it updates, exit program, and hold and press OK button on printer to exit or to see if firmware update worked, press and hold down button.

Start printer up again. For me, it still asked that my ink was wrong, so I took all the ink out and put it back in and all was good.

Good luck!


That worked! Thank you very much.

I have a XP-430 so I had to work through the process of locating the firmware for my printer but that wasn't a big deal. It would have been nothing at all if I hadn't found myself in some very serious negative headspace and didn't expect it to work. But with a little persistence I came out the other end with a working printer. I had to run the firmware loader twice because the first time it reported "File not found".

I don't know what that was about. However, in a fit of daring do, I tried again. This time I got a "finished" report.

It was at this point that I began to have hope. A restart later and all was right with the world.Thanks again


Hi, I'm looking everywhere for the XP446 firmware and can't find it. Could you please tell me where you found yours? Thank you.


yes! Please!


Hi Fred,Were you able to get your xp-446 to start in update mode? If so please tell me how...Mine refuses to!


Where did you find the previous firmware version?


I have an XP-430 if you could post where you found the firmware i would appreciate it.


This site has a link to many printers' old firmware. For 430 it's the epson17765.exe


Sorry forgot the link https://www.latestprinterdrivers.com/epson-xp-430-driver-download/




Well that answered my question. I well NEVER purchase a Epson Printer & well pass the word on to my friends and business associates.

Customer Service is the back bone to any business & Epsons seems to be extremely lacking in this area. So not only is the Company fraud but there customer service can't even appease the customer, that btw pays there pay checks. If it wasn't for US....YOU would not have a job.

So if seems like some over paid idiot made a very bad decision to create an "update" that causes people unnecessary grief over your GREED of now only allowing customers to use your cartridges.

BIG/COSTLY mistake on Epsons part.


Same here.


Same here. Never buy Epson printer again.


Same thing happened to me with my XP-640. It’s a couple of years old and was working fine with the remanufacted cartridges until it did a update, now it won’t do anything unless the cartridges are replaced with Epson manufactured cartridges.

The Epson user manual says it “recommends” only the use of Epson cartridges but doesn’t state it’s required.

I don’t how Epson has the right to come into MY home and change the operating perimeters on MY printer without MY permission!

I talked with their customer support group and they admitted that’s what Epson was doing, and I got what I deserve for using non using Epson cartridges.

I even pointed that I was in compliance with what their user manual said. They didn’t care what the manual said.

This should not be legal!

I’m going out shopping for a new non Epson brand printer...and there are lots to pick from.

No way am I buying ink from Epson!


Same thing happened to me on my XP-640 on 1/19/18. New firmware (really malware) resulted in third party cartridges not being recognized.

Epson Customer (dis)service said all they can do is recommend I used Epson replacement cartridges. Kudos to Target for letting me return the printer even though it's way outside their normal 30 day warranty for electronics, and Kudos to 4inkjets for letting return used and unused ink cartridges.


Same thing happened to me 1/18/18 after updating the firmware. Truly despicable.

I will likely buy a new printer just so I am not forced to give Epson another dime after this slap in the face (and I still bought brand name ink too when more convenient, just not every time). Has been a great printer otherwise and this one little act has cost them a customer.


Exact same issue here. I have two Epson printers and both of them are now useless to me after working fine before the firmware update.

I have contacted Epson and after one reply they have gone totally silent and non-responsive. Causing me a world of hurt in my business as I rely on these printers every day.


Epson is the most abusive company I have ever found. They asked users of their printers (mine is XP830) to update the firmware.

Once you do that, you realize that your cartridges do not work any more.

They have done this in order to prevent customers from using the much less expensive ink cartridges made by companies such as EZ, and Jarbo.

With companies like this your only option is to boycott them, and ask your friends through social media, to also boycott all products made by EPSON. That is the only defense you really have against an abusive business like this.


Same thing happened to me on Saturday, January 13, 2018. Disgusting business practices.


I just installed the firmware "upgrade" and am having the exact same problem. The aftermarket cartridges were working just fine before and were full, and now they're not recognized.

I fail to see how this so-called "upgrade" benefits anyone except Epson by forcing consumer to buy their branded and much higher prices cartridges.

The printer is less than a year old, and I never would have purchased it if I knew that Epson would be pull this kind of thing on their customers. Very disappointed, and I will recommend that people look for a different brand due to this greedy business practice.

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