I Installed a firmware update, and now the printer can no longer "recognize" my print cartridges which had been working fine until the update. Word on the Internet is that Epson deliberately tries to punish people who buy replacement cartridges from other vendors, so they can sell their overpriced ones, and they do that by updating the firmware so that other vendor cartridges are "not recognized".

This is despicable. I will never buy another Epson product. They have even spawned a cottage industry that for $5 sells a firmware downgrade.

It is cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy Epson replacement cartridges. Their business practices are predatory and should be illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-630 Printer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Epson Pros: Printer.

Epson Cons: Business practices.

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Same here , XP-330. Contacted Epson and got the generic instructions for reseating the cartridges or to buy Epson branded gold bricks... i mean, ink.


i got the fix here: https://www.latestprinterdrivers.com/epson-xp-434-driver-download/they probably have one for every epson. connect via usb to the printer.

remove cartridges. power it down. press power, home, left, stop simultaneously within 1 minute of power down. get boot screen.

run "recovery" hit ok on printer when the pc is finished.

install aftermarket cartridges and go. i put new in, just reinstalling the old ones may work also.


Thanks,Helped with my XP-330, just make sure you do no use the one at Epson website•Firmware Update For Windows – Recovery Mode version JO10G3 – Download (12.42 MB, Release Date: 06/07/16)


This worked great. Appreciate the help.

I have 2 of these things and a stockpile of aftermarket cartridges.

I was about to fix this printer with a sledgehammer, some gasoline and a bottle rocket. I will NEVER buy Epson products again.


Just fixed my XP-440. Here are the steps.Prerequisites:1.

Older version of firmware2. Process to start printer in "Firmware Update Mode"I found an older firmware version for the XP-440 here https://www.latestprinterdrivers.com/epson-xp-440-driver-download/.Steps to start the XP-440 in FW Update Mode here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCO1SVzrUh4. (NOTE: The combination is different for different models)Steps to downgrade firmware:1. Remove all ink cartridges2.

Plug printer into computer via USB3. Start printer in Firmware Update Mode4.

Install old firmware5. Restart and put ink cartridges back inNOTE: Some cartridges were still not recognized for me but I just popped them back in a couple times and they were eventually recognized.Excellent video reference here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=237&v=C6wdgJODghc


This just worked like a charm with my new XP-446. I had unfortunately updated the firmware during the initial set up (I just bought it on 3/24/18), and it would not recognize my third-party 288XL ink that I tried to use when the initial Epson cartridge was empty.I used the firmware from latestprinterdrivers.com for the XP-446. Note that to get into the recovery mode for this model, the buttons to hold down are stop/left/down/power - different from other models.I also had to try the inks several times, but now it is recognizing the replacement ink.


Same here XP-440. Also no way to downgrade firmware.

Trying to install previous firmware version gives error message "Downgraded (It cannot be updated)". Well they just ruined their reputation for me and everyone I know. I will be sure to never let anyone buy an epson printer again.

Now they won't make money on printers OR ink. *** fu**s.


When the class action lawsuit gets started, sign me up!


Yep, xp 430 same problem. I am looking for a reputable printer company that doesn't hold their customers hostage to replace this 6 month pos.


try Brother


I e-mailed JetSir whos cartridges i have been buying and they wrote back to me and gave me this response:EPSON 288 Series Ink Cartridge Upgrade Operating InstructionsRecently, EPSON has updated the printers that used 288 ink cartridge: EPSONXP-330/XP-430/XP-434/XP-340/XP-440. After the upgrade, the chip of the compatible ink cartridge will be invalidated and cannot work.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience, butplease don't worry, our 6th generation chip is designed with a carbon membrane function,cutting off the carbon film strip on the contact surface, enabling the serial number in the chip,effectively avoiding the EPSON upgrade and the cartridge will work. The specific operation is as follows: 1. Carbon membrane: In the upper right corner of the chip, there is a black vertical line on theright side of the golden circle;2.Cut this vertical line with a sharp knife, enabling the serial number in the chip, 3. After cutting the carbon film, Then reinstall the cartridge and test.

If it still cannot work, please contact us and we willrespond ASAP. Thank you so much for your understanding and support.


I just tried it and my printer charged the cartridge and it now works! FIXED!


I have been a Epson printer user for 25 years and jsut experienced this problem myself. I will replace the printer with something else and, like you, will never buy an Epson printer again.


Same Problem w xp-330. Utterly outrageous!

I though when I bought the printer that it was MINE! How dare Epson sabotage MY property?Answer: Easy.

The owner has no recourse. Accepting the update (click Agree) accepts tons of legal preclusions against lawsuits, class-action, etc.I will never buy anything again from Seiko or Epson.


Same problem with xp-440 printer firmware upgrade.


My XP430 was working fine until I updated a couple of days ago and now it recognizes none of the printer cartridges and will not print. I feel that they have stolen from me.

They basically have rendered my cartridges and printer useless and I refuse to bow down to buy their overpriced cartridges when these others have worked just fine.

I'm done with Epson. Bad business practices.


I would like to see ALL of you get on social media and ask all of your friends and their friends to make this topic go VIRAL. The only other thing to do is go to court and sue.


You cannot sue. When you clicked "Accept," you agreed to not sue or join class-actions.Epson saw this coming. "Security Update" only secured Epson's interests.


Same here. Updated firmware on relatively new 3640 and 2nd party ink cartage no longer works. I'm just going to return it to Costco and tell them the printer no longer prints.


Same thing happened to my Epson XP-640, and I actually use real Epson ink carts. It still didn't recognize 3 of them after a firmware update that I couldn't figure out how to avoid (it wouldn't let me print; just hassled me about the update).

I don't need CD printing this badly; if I can't get it going by reverting to an older firmware, it's back to Canon for me.

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