I Installed a firmware update, and now the printer can no longer "recognize" my print cartridges which had been working fine until the update. Word on the Internet is that Epson deliberately tries to punish people who buy replacement cartridges from other vendors, so they can sell their overpriced ones, and they do that by updating the firmware so that other vendor cartridges are "not recognized".

This is despicable. I will never buy another Epson product. They have even spawned a cottage industry that for $5 sells a firmware downgrade.

It is cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy Epson replacement cartridges. Their business practices are predatory and should be illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-630 Printer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Epson Pros: Printer.

Epson Cons: Business practices.

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I just downgraded the firmware and it fixed the issue. I have a mac and the epson xp-460.First, go to https://www.latestprinterdrivers.com/epson-xp-430-driver-download/ and download the 'Firmware Update For Mac OS- Recovery Mode version MO22G6' (or windows version if that's what you use).Next, attach the printer USB cable to your computer (apparently downgrading over wifi does not work).Next, put your printer into recovery mode by pressing these four buttons at the same time - Left Arrow, Cancel (triangle with a circle), home, and power.

The screen will change to saw Recovery Mode.Now, launch the firmware update that you downloaded on your computer. Select the USB update option. It will show finished on your computer, but it will take a couple minutes to finish updating on the printer.

The printer screen will say something like 'Erasing ROM', then 'Writing ROM', then it will show a message that it is completed.Press the OK button, which will shut the printer off.Turn it back on again. If it still doesn't recognize the ink cartridges (I had Epson ones too, which was kinda ridiculous), then remove all of the cartridges, turn off the printer, turn it back on again, insert the cartridges, and it should go through the charging process and recognize the cartridges.


Thank you. I used the firmware from 6/7/16.

Not the modern Windows 10 and it went smooth. As one additional step I also uninstalled all the Epson software on my PC prior to doing this.


You're awesome, thank you so much! I know I won't buy another epson after their strong arm attempt here!


I had to do this differently on my Epson XP-830 . I could not get the recovery screen to come up with the ink cartridges removed .

What came up was the red letters saying IPL mode . so I put the ink cartridges back in, uploaded the old firmware turned the printer on and off , actually I had to unplug it and then turned it back on . It turned on without the error message about the ink cartridge . then it said there was new firmware did I want to update it and I ignored the message went back to the home screen and now it is working fine .

Thanks every one for your input . Screw Epson !!!!


I have an Epson XP-430 and have the same problem. I plan to take part in the class action lawsuit as well.I'm posting this so I can be a plaintiff in the class action lawsuit some smart attorney is going to file.


“Restrictive practices” springs to mind!!Some of us simply cannot afford the outrageous ink costs as we struggle to operate small businesses.Never ever will we buy Epson again.


I'm a photographer and have over 20 years appreciated Epson printers and paper. The inks are expensive so I used after market.The printer asked to upgrade firmware and was allowed to.

Afterwards it no longer recognize the aftermarket ink cartridges. The firmware cannot be un-installed. This is illegal because courts have ruled it so.

I will no longer purchase any Epson product and am asking for a refund for this one since Epson rendered it unusable. I'm posting this so I can be a plaintiff in the class action lawsuit some smart attorney is going to file.


Epson wants you to think the firmware can't be uninstalled, but it can. I did it earlier this week .

. . and circumventing Epson's efforts to make me buy their ink made me felt great!

See my April 4 post on this thread for two very helpful links that will help you uninstall the new firmware and install older firmware that will allow you to use aftermarket ink cartridges. Good luck.


Here's a link to a youtube video that will tell you how to fix the problem:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=237&v=C6wdgJODghcIt worked for me.Using a firmware update to stop people from using non-Epson ink cartridges seems to be contrary to the Supreme Court's ruling in Impression Products, Inc. v.

Lexmark International, Inc. I guess Epson figures they'll make money off ink than they'll lose in a similar court case.


XP-440 some tricks I had to figure out, but finally....beat epson!! First uninstall any and everything epson through control panel, make sure to delete all versions and copies too.

Mine would not uninstall a user guide because it wasn't found, but it remained visible in control panel. Remove all ink cartriges, turn printer off and connect printer via working, usb port with working usb printer cable. Windows will detect but not recognize it but ignore, it will pop up later and be checked as unkown usb in the downloaded epson19134.exe (version from 9/17 with the older firmware. Push stop, down, left and power buttons or combo specific to your printer to begin firmware "update" or override.

Follow install instructions, click next a few times, but make sure to only install the parts you want (menu is prechecked with all components, easy scan, etc.) Click start and it will begin. Computer will say finished before the printer is actually finished. When printer screen says finished, then turn it off either by pressing ok, or power or unplugging.

Turn back on, reinstall cartriges twice...this was a major trick, then it should say charging ink...re-download epson17185.exe the installation and setup component and voila!! Working again with any kind cartrige and epson can screw off!!


Thank you so much for posting this link! Followed the instructions on the video and my XP-330 works again with third-party ink. Very appreciative of this!


I had the same problem with my XP-430 so since I saw this i went and bought an HP with the monthly ink replacement plan that is really affordable. I work in IT and used to recommend and install Epson Printers.

Guess what brand I am NOT installing or recommending now?

Yeap you got it..... EPSON.


Same problem with XP-434 printer after firmware update. Never buy Epson again!


I will NEVER buy another product from EPSON and am sharing my issues with everyone I know and on social media. I have the same exact issue and the person above me wrote about.

Running an update that only served to force me to use THEIR ink should absolutely be illegal.I consider EPSON an evil business that uses predatory tactics.

I never would have purchased this printer if I had known they would secretly sabotage it by making it useless after the time when I could not return it. Forcing people to use their extremely overpriced in or else!To me it's no different the taking your car in for a quick update and secretly having the company fix it so you could only buy THEIR brand of premium gas!


My Epson XP-446 was printing just fine untill the firmware update. Now I can not print because it says it can not recognize the black ink witch says 288, 288XL.

The 288XL is what I have. I will never by another Epson product thanks alot for scewing people over.

I will be dammed if i will buy another ink catridge. I hope this gets passed around.


I am having the same problem. Tried both the 288 and 288-XL genuine Epsom ink cartridges.

Neither were recognized before or after I updated the firmware. What should be a simple replacement had turned into an inconvenient, frustrating absolutely unnecessary nightmare.


Same happened with my XP-430No ways to get to Epson Customer service. No phones, no e-mails - firewall. Bandits.


i installed a new router after moving and was making sure my printer worked over wifi. it did some updates and now is also not working anymore.

xp 330. if they don't send an update to fix this i'll trash this printer and buy another brand from now on. this is ridiculous. if the printer won't work with aftermarket ink then they need to put that on the box.

not to mention i bought the ink replacement off ebay and it said genuine in the ad, but the label on the ink cartridge clearly says not OEM.

i didn't care at the time because is still worked, but now... i guess i'm screwed.


I have the same problem after a firmware update to my Epson XP-430 yesterday (3-27-2018). Epson will not help ("firmware rollback is not possible") and do not care.

Their only solution? Use only Epson ink.

To *** with them. I will never buy another Epson product.


I have the same problem with my XP-446. No matter what I do, I cannot get the printer to start in Update Mode, it goes straight to the "Cartridge not recognised screen".Any other suggestions?

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