I Installed a firmware update, and now the printer can no longer "recognize" my print cartridges which had been working fine until the update. Word on the Internet is that Epson deliberately tries to punish people who buy replacement cartridges from other vendors, so they can sell their overpriced ones, and they do that by updating the firmware so that other vendor cartridges are "not recognized".

This is despicable. I will never buy another Epson product. They have even spawned a cottage industry that for $5 sells a firmware downgrade.

It is cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy Epson replacement cartridges. Their business practices are predatory and should be illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-630 Printer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Epson Pros: Printer.

Epson Cons: Business practices.

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Will never buy their products again.


Is there a fix for the unrecognizable printer cartridges. I have the same problem.


There's a fix. Scroll down and find my previous post (and similar posts from others) that will give you links to websites that will help you uninstall the firmware that caused the problem and reinstall an older version.

I fixed my problem a couple of months ago and haven't had a problem since.

Just make sure you turn off automatic updating or you'll have the same problem again. Good luck.


Oops. I forgot to log in. My previous posts are under the name UnevenMarmot.


Same problem with XP-830


Having the same problem with an XP-340. This is a huge inconvenience and must be corrected, Epson!!!


the same thing happened to me but I canno find the recovery code combo for my epson WF-3720. does anyone know what it is?


Same thing happened to me after a firmware upgrade last night. Does anybody know the key sequence to get into Program Update Mode for a WF-4740?


Happened to me too. What they are doing is illegal but they are getting away with it because they claim blocking cartridges is not the reason.

If it wasn't the reason they would provide a way to roll back the firmware. Anyone know of a class action lawsuit?This is my first and last Epson printer.


Same as the others. No more Epson for me!Tracy Lane


I agree...same thing happened.


I have exactly the same experience and opinion. No more Epson products for me.


This is helpful, but 30 minutes too late for me. I'm not surprised.


I agree. Very sneaky.

Told Epson customer service so.

They lost a customer. Going back to HP.


I have the same issue - but I fork out the extra for an actual Epson ink cartridge - still saying it is NOT RECOGNISED !


Yes, having same issue. Cheep printer expensive ink now.

Will be replacing with a non Epson printer. By the way, I read Epson isn't the only one doing this.


We are having the same issue. I agree that this is very poor business practice. Would like Epson to do a new firmware update the reverses this error.


same here Epson i hope someone drags your *** to court in a lawsuitwhat gives you the right to squash free enterpriseoh by the way i did not buy your ink i smashed you copier with a hammer i upload the pictures in facebook denouncing your corporate greed


Epson, you stupid, foolish, greedy, short-sight {{Redacted}}. I've got twenty years of buying your products, but no more.

Your little idiot trick with the firmware update caused me not to be able to print an important project before a career-critical meeting.

You're done. Just exit the consumer market quietly.


wow. what a scam

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