I Installed a firmware update, and now the printer can no longer "recognize" my print cartridges which had been working fine until the update. Word on the Internet is that Epson deliberately tries to punish people who buy replacement cartridges from other vendors, so they can sell their overpriced ones, and they do that by updating the firmware so that other vendor cartridges are "not recognized".

This is despicable. I will never buy another Epson product. They have even spawned a cottage industry that for $5 sells a firmware downgrade.

It is cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy Epson replacement cartridges. Their business practices are predatory and should be illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Epson Xp-630 Printer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Epson Pros: Printer.

Epson Cons: Business practices.

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Boycott Epson . Their software updates refuse to accept non epson cartridges.

This is illegal.

their cartridges are massively overpriced. Dont touch with a bargepole.


I totally agree--This happened to me this past week. I am done with Epson.


Have spent 8 hours trying to fix it XP-440 as they told me to place a new Firmware update... and poof now the ink catridges that have been working for 2 years no longer works///


You need to find an older version of the Firmware and go back to that. You can find videos on youtube that tell you how to do it.

I did that several years ago and haven't had a problem since.

Circumventing Epson's efforts to force me to buy their ink cartridges was very satisfying. Never update your Firmware, no matter what Epson tells you.


I am so livid right now. I want to throw my printer outside in the street.

My ink was working great and now boom. What a bunch of jerks.


Same. will NEVER EVER EVER get back together (with Epson). You are dead to me!


I am experiencing the same issue and I will never buy another Epson product again if I verify this is correct. After a firmware update, new cartridges that were working no longer works!


Same problem. This is like if auto manufacturers made cars that would only run on Mobil gas, or would only accept Firestone tires.

They would be sued out of existence. So why is Epson allowed to get away with it?


after update. my printer will not recognize 2 of the 4 cartridge's that were already in use.




I too will never buy Epson products again. My printer is almost brand new and now locked into "add Epson Ink" Hoping there is away around the $100 ink package.


Printer repair and aftermarket supplies reseller here. For those that have downloaded the firmware updates by Epson and they bricked your printer, just be aware that HP does this as well.

Brother is starting to use smart chips. So before you shoot yourself in the foot, Buyer Beware. To avoid bricking, always, always, disable automatic updates and never update the firmware unless you have an issue that can be corrected by it. Even then, make sure your supplier is selling current chip versions.

I wouldn't trust many of the sellers on Amazon, nor many on the internet in general to sell you current product. The quality aftermarket companies are working on updating their chips, but it takes time. Most, if not all, of the aftermarket cartridges for EPSON come from overseas (China). There are only a few aftermarket chip makers in the world and they specialized in different market segments.

Manufacturers have lost recent cases in court on this issue and in the past, and are constantly being sued by practices like this. EPSON has a pending case in Federal Court against them. HP may as well. The cases will take time, but by the time it is resolved, your printer will be outdated and not working.

The manufacturers must be very careful on how they present these updates to the consumer, they cannot be sneaky about it, so read everything before purchasing their products (printer, cartridges, the prompts during set-up, go through the menus to disable the updates...everything). They are under no obligation to give away their market share or make it easy for aftermarket companies, though they are prohibited from bundling and forcing you to purchase their products (Magnuson-Moss ACT of 1975). Another note, Manufacturers like EPSON, CANON and HP will also sue the aftermarket companies preemptively on patent infringements (chips, cartridge components and design, etc.) to stop or slow the erosion of their very profitable market.

Personally, I would never recommend an EPSON printer and not because of this reason but the product is trash from a service perspective. The EPSON Ink printers have a slew of issues with their print heads and have for years.


Thank you


i agree completely! i refuse to spend high dollar on epson ink just because they are a bunch of greedy bastards. i will NEVER buy another epson product or recommend epson to anybody for the rest of my life


Never buy another epson !!!!


Everyone, Epson can not restrict you from using other brands of ink. the printer is yours.

You bought it. Get on Social Media and see if a lawyer is willing to start a class action lawsuit. In the mean time a lot of Epson's money will be waisted and then maybe they'll wake up.

By the way its called Consumer's Rights. Don't *** fight back!


Same experience. Even worse is customer service.

They will not admit to the problem. They keep escalating to a higher level.

The latest representative said to buy an original cartridge and then take it out and put the other back in. He said that it would fool the sensor.


I had the same experience. The Epson XP 6000 working fine until I installed a software update.

The suddenly I'm getting messages that the ink cartridges (Not Epson) cannot be recognized. Really annoying and enough to make me toss the printer than be forced to buy Epson Ink.

Adding to the problem is that it is a scanner and printer unit where I am unable to use the scanner until the printer cartridge is resolved. I'm done with Epson.


Same thing on my XP-7100 Epson will never get another dime from me


Updated firmware last night....big mistake!! Now my high capacity after market black cartridge is not recognized even after popping another in.

I have a class to teach in less than two days and this is unacceptable.

I'm switching to HP, no more EPSON for me! This 7100 is going to the rifle range as an exploding target!

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