First: Epson forces me to use expensive, overpriced, Epson Cartridges even though I understand this is an illegal practice. I live 20+ miles from a store that sells Epson ink.

The printer shuts down if one of the 5 cartridges runs out.Can't print even one more page! Trip to town and hours wasted.

Second:Now that I have only genuine Epson cartridges installed it stopped working and has a message that says "Cannot recognize the following ink cartridges.

Try reinstalling them again." tried 4 times and still get the same message.

This printer in going in the trash even though I have extra cartridges that add up to more than the printer cost. I wish I could leave zero stars!

A solely profit based company now that used to produce helpful printers.

User's recommendation: Run don't walk away from these printers.

Location: Lumberton, Mississippi

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